PBPerformance Gym, Unit 49, Portmanmoor Road Industrial Estate, Est South, Cardiff CF24 5HB


Session 1 (flights 1 and 2)

Weigh in 7:30am

Lift off 9:30am

Session 2 (flights 3 and 4)

Weigh in 12:00pm

Lift off 2:00pm

Who can enter?

You must be a member of British Powerlifting for the 2023 year to enter this competition and registered with the Welsh Division

Warning - if you enter without membership for the correct year, from a non-Welsh division, or before your entry date is open then we will cancel your place when entries close and offer it to someone who has met the criteria - no exceptions.

DO NOT enter speculatively without a current British Powerlifting membership, or with your membership from 2022. As this competition will be in 2023, you must have membership for the 2023 year.

Spaces are limited and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. 

There are no guest spots at this competition. Welsh members only.

No refunds under any circumstances.

How to enter

The entry form will go live on the website on the date that the entries open. Please fill out the web form and make payment via Paypal. We do not send out confirmation of entry - if you have a Paypal confirmation, then your place in the competition is secure.

Please ensure that your kit is all IPF approved. There will be a kit check on they day and any non IPF approved kit will not be allowed to be used.

NameWeight ClassAge Class
Session 1Flight 11Arwen Newlands47Senior
2Maisie Lynch57Sub Junior
3Nicole Pickford63Senior
4Rima Baki63M1
5Lindy Zambas69Senior
6Renata Costa69Junior
7Sabrina Moore69Senior
8Claire Hendy76M2
9Heloise Martin76Junior
10Marah Bahar76Sub Junior
11Zoe Rawlings76Senior
12Meghan Teehan76Junior
13Nathan Williams66Junior
14Talin Davies66Sub Junior
15Thomas Jago66Sub Junior
Flight 21Glesni Alaw Tegif84Senior
2Carol Taylor84+M1
3Emily Dine84+Junior
4Laura Mowlam84+Senior
5PJ Kinsella84+Senior
6Yvonne Knott84+Senior
7Adam Collins74Junior
8Addy Moraes74Junior
9Joe Martin74Junior
10Lian Guinto74Junior
11Oli Minshall74Junior
12Jack Davies74Sub Junior
13Phillip Richard83M2
14Steve John105M1
15Richard Sawyer120M1
Session 2Flight 31Aaron Li83Senior
2Bleddyn Gibbs83Sub Junior
3Ellis Bushell83Sub Junior
4Ethan Williams83Sub Junior
5Jasper Lowde83Junior
6Maxim Dutton83Senior
7Michael Jordan83Senior
8Nathan Poll83Junior
9Samuel Fountain83Sub Junior
10Cai Read93Sub Junior
11Gryffudd Parish93Junior
12Matt Weeks93Junior
13Tom O'Donnell93Junior
14Oliver James93Junior
15Jacques Defraine120+Junior
Flight 41James Tumbalo93Senior
2Omar Ali93Senior
3Rhys Boswell93Senior
4Scott O'Connor93Senior
5Andy Williams105Senior
6Ben Davies105Senior
7Ben Ingle105Senior
8Brandon Richards105Sub Junior
9Connor Jeffs105Senior
10Howard Qi105Senior
11Ieuan Barry105Junior
12Matthew Long105Junior
13Max Hayburn120Junior
14Simon Sweatman105Junior
15Tristan Wharf105Senior
16William Graeves105Senior